Comité expert | Hit The Floor

Créations Hit The Floor is proud to present its brand new expert committee. For the organization, the personal development of the dancers is a priority. The creation of an expert committee will ensure an ongoing dialogue between the experts, HTF and the community. The main role of the committee will be to guide the organization and to make thoughtful decisions for the development of an inclusive community of artists.


The expert committee will be composed of five (5) professionals and cultural workers. Each expert will act as an advisor to the organization but must also guide HTF to make a stand as an organization on subjects and issues that require continuous reflection and support.

Discussions between experts will be possible through gatherings, at different times during the year (2). These gatherings could be held as private retreats, videoconferences or any other type of session that would lead to collective exchanges and creative synergy.


Bringing together key players in its industry, the expert committee should listen to the community, issues, and opportunities in the arts and culture industry, while respecting and contributing to the values ​​of HTF.

> Transmit and communicate the values ​​of community spirit to dance studio directors, professional artists, dancers and the dance enthusiasts;

> Surround ourselves with experts as consultants;

> Understand the source of the problems and the reality of the dance community;

> Educate ourselves;

> Understand the needs of the community and see how HTF can meet them;

> Listening and taking expert comments/opinions on current and upcoming projects;

> Take the time to review and ask feedback on our ways of doing things;

> Guide decision-making and the implementation of actions to support the mission.


The purpose of the committee is to be surrounded by experts specialized in the art of dance to align the strategic positioning of the activities of the organization according to the realities of the dance and events industry. In synergy with its environment and in cohesion with the values, vision, and mission of HTF, the committee will:

Participate in the development of Créations Hit The Floor

> Put HTF at the heart of its thinking;

> Reflect on the development of HTF’s notoriety and its positioning as a leader in the dance events industry in Canada;

> Brainstorm on new event models;

> Connects the organization with important actors/collaborators.

Participate in the development of its community

> Thinks about the development and needs related to the artistic practice of dance;

> Determines the development priorities to deploy structuring projects that considers the current challenges of the practice of dance;

> Develops a community around dance through inclusion and openness to the world;

> Develops new creative concepts: event formulas, exhibitions, intensive programs, initiatives in the community, cultural actions, collaborations, etc.

> Acts as a consultant to help the organization make thoughtful decisions.

The topics will have a direct impact on the evolution of Hit The Floor. Going through the needs of dancers and dance studios, education related to artistic practice and different dance styles, working conditions, to the development of Hit The Floor events, the committee’s mandate will be to formulate recommendations always considered with the aim of contributing to the mission of the organization, namely to amplify the positive impact of the art of dance in artistic and cultural communities.


The committee will be composed of a group of five (5) leaders who will promote exchange and diversity of opinion. Creativity and teamwork will be key values. The desire to participate in the development and sustainability of HTF will be at the center of the commitment.

Madat duration : 2 years

Remuneration : Flat rate


> Advocate the well-being of the organization;

> Have a lot of knowledge in the dance industry (notable resume & experiences);

> Have a high involvement in the community;

> Be an excellent communicator/leader;

> Be credible and open-minded;

> Show respect to the community and its artists;

> Maintain full representation on the committee: Choreo/Foundation/Technical/Ballet

> Have actors focused on up-to-date topics, challenges and industry conditions

you want to be part of the committee and have a positive impact in your community?