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All-Stars Showcase

The All-Stars Showcase is a unique dance show, featuring the best dancers of the competition as well as world-renowned artists.

This production contributes to the artists’ exposure in addition to their respective discipline by presenting one of the most impressive dance shows in the world. Professional artists from around the globe travel to participate in the All-Stars Showcase, including artists from New Zealand, China, Italy, Philippines, Japan, United States, Germany, Korea and the UK.

Among the thousands of routines presented throughout the competition, our judges select 8 top picks who will have the opportunity to dance a second and last time on stage. They will also get the chance to win one of the three cash prizes, and ultimately become the grand champions of the All-Stars Showcase.

We aim to produce pieces that are unique and based on innovation. That said, we work closely with the artists in the creation and validation process of their work for the showcase.



Each year, Hit The Floor welcomes exhibitors who make our public market come alive. In addition to all of the kiosks and shops that are present, many personalized activations are deployed to add to our visitors and dancers’ experience! Come discover the Hit The Floor public market!


After party

The Hit The Floor After Party is the ultimate gathering of all participants who wish to celebrate their common passion for dance in a festive atmosphere! Taking place just after the All-Stars Showcase, the After Party celebrates all of the efforts of the dancers in the competition and in the showcase. It brings together the dance community in a memorable way! Dance, music, fun and much more! This is a party not to be missed!

Ambassadors program

The mission of the Ambassadors Program is to contribute actively to the personal and professional development of five talented artists, to develop their curiosity, creativity and artistic independence, to positively inspire the community and to stimulate the next generation of dance in Canada.

The selected dancers share common values with Hit The Floor; values of passion, community, inspiration, distinction and self-transcendence. They demonstrated their determination and perseverance, their thirst for knowledge, their authenticity and their unique signature.

The Hit The Floor team is therefore very proud to present the 2020 Ambassadors: Émilie Wilson | Anthony Palomeque | Laura Perron | Riddjy Luzincourt | Kassandra Boivin.